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As the morning sun gently wakes you up into the new day you really need to pinch yourself to believe it’s not a dream. Museum Hotels unbelievable location in Uçhisar has a spectacular view over every valley of magical Cappadocia. You can even enjoy these unique landscapes from your own room jacuzzi.


Museum Hotel Cappadocia


If the weather is on your side you will get to see hundreds of hot air balloons rising up into the sky. I can say hot air balloons combined with magical sunrise is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!


royal2 (1 of 1)Sunrise from hotairballoon – Göreme


3Good Morning from Museum Hotel <3


Before I tell you few things about Museum Hotels history let’s take a look into our unique Çatalkaya Cave Suite.
This Suite which we stayed was one of the Junior Superior Suites and it has incomparable view over Cappadocia even from jacuzzi or from the garden terrace.
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Staff made you feel very welcome and it almost was like you were at home. As we checked in we got comprehensive introduction of venue and hotels history. When we got into our suite there was Museum Hotels own signature white wine bottle & some Turkish delights waiting for us.

You will get treated like princess the whole time you are there. Meanwhile we experience magical sunset at hotels rooftop our room were all set up for night. Blanket was folded to the side and few bottles of water was nicely put up on your night table.

14Museum Hotel Cappadocia

”Two fairy chimneys located right across from each other are known as Çatalkaya by the locals. Right in front of this room sits one of the Çatalkaya and thus we named the room after it. The most attractive detail in this room is the splendid bathroom and the magnificent view offered by both the bathroom and the main room. Enjoying the Jacuzzi and gazing out at the scenery, and spending time in front of the fireplace in cold weather are some of the things you’ll want to do in this room.”

In the evening when I went to the bed it was like jumping on the clouds. You can really feel the quality of the materials used in beds and how Hotel is really making an effort for clients satisfaction.

Beside your bed you will find a pillow menu. From that menu you can choose right kind of pillow for your taste. (Check the pictures below to find out more about pillow menu).
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Price for one night in Junior Superior Suite’s starts from 320€ and everything is definately worth of your money.
Museum Hotel has also Deluxe Rooms and those prices starts from 240€ per night.
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
The Museum hotel was meticulously restored and renovated from ruins, caves, and stonehouses and from every room, restaurant and lobby you can find something unique to admire. Hotel has been designed and created from a distinctive combination of the land and historical features and ruins, some intact and some beautifully restored to their original glory. The hotel features 30 rooms & suites and each of them are exceptional in their own inimitable way. No room can be alike, with each bringing its own special ambiance and mesmerize every overnight guests. Unbeliavable view over Cappadocia and rooms decorated with antiques makes this Hotel glamorous and worthy of the name.
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Museum Hotel become the first luxury hotel in Cappadocia, and has since become a prominent establishment in the Cappadocia region. In contructions started in 1998, but not until 2002 it was opened to public. Hotel redeemed immediately place to be the best luxury hotel in Cappadocia and still in 2017 it’s still is. Hotel is located to Uçhisar where it gives to you breathtaking views over Avanos, Göreme, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley, Red Valley, and Mt. Erciyes. These scenery can all be seen and enjoyed from the rooms, the restaurant, the terrace and the bars.
It felt like hotel had everything to offer. From one of the gardens you could find peacocks hanging by the trees or even turtles laying on the grass!
While you were having a breakfast you got to admire wonderful historic details of dining rooms. There were dozens of different fruits, fresh juices, pancakes and even a chef who made eggs just the way you wanted. It was really the best breakfast I have eaten in a while.
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
This hotel suites absolutely for everyone! Who doesn’t want to experience little piece of luxury on their vacation? You will be spoiled from head to toe. Hotels unique venue, garden and historic storys made our stay perfect and unforgettable. We enjoyed of our stay from bottom of our hearts and I really hope I will get a chance to stay there again!
Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Cooparation with Museum Hotel Cappadocia.
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Museum Hotel Cappadocia
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