Marina Bay Sands Singapore – One night in luxury hotel

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Marina Bay Sands
One of the most unforgettable nights of my entire life.. and probably the most expensive one ;D
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Room we booked months ago, supposed to be the most cheapest deluxe room with garden view, but while we were checking in something confusing happened and our room got upgradet! We are not sure what happened. We only asked room as high as possible and All we understood over the warmly chitchat conversation, that the room we booked wasn’t ready yet.
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In a moment this friendly young man told that he couldn’t arrange room from higher levels, but he would give us a better room. For a minute i was thinking that ’okay, this is a just basic humbug to make us feel happy with lower level rooms’. But when I opened the room doors our mouths wide opened.. We were upgrated to Orchid Suite worth of 500€. We paid 40square meters sized room 280€uros (inc. taxes) and for return we got 100square meters of luxury!

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Hotel is in three big diagonal tower buildings which are connected by surfboard shaped Skypark in 200meters. World famous infinity pool in level 57 is 150meters long and gives you incredible views over Singapore skyscrapers.
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Garden By the Bay is a famous futuristic garden and after sunset it wakes up to it’s glory to dominate the entire view of the bay. Skyway and huge Flower Domes are open till 09:00p.m and entering them requires admission fee. Outdoor gardens has free admission and they are open from 05:00a.m till 02:00a.m


marinabay27 (1 of 1)”A living wonder in Singapore” – BBC.com

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marinabay178 (1 of 1)Views to Garden by the Bay from rooftop

In front of the hotel is a Event Plaza where people gather to see light show twice a evening. View to Downtown is impressive while sunset.
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Marina Bay’s shopping centre is full of hustle and bustle and most of the shops are luxury brands boutiques. You can find over 270 shops and 60 dining places under the same roof.
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Building of Marina Bay Sands cost billions and it is really one of the Singapore’s landmarks. World famous hotel – casino complex is in Marina Bay and infront of it is Garden By the Bay. Easiest acces to hotel, shoppingmall and to the Gardens are in Bayfront’s MRT station.
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Only hotel guests are allowed to use infinity pool. Non guests can visit Skypark observation deck which is in Tower 3. Ticket is 23S$.
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Besides the hotels incredible views you can find top chef restaurants and world-famous bartenders cocktail lounges, casino, 24/7 breakfast buffees, Banyan tree spa, gym, skate rink, theaters and museums. So everything what you could expect from the hotel build with billions.  
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Although the night at this luxury hotel was expensive, it was totally worth it! I wouldn’t been satisfied to only see the observation deck. 😀
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