I think I found perfect hammock place – White beach Palawan

whitesand_20 (1 of 1)Welcome to paradise!

White beach is a private beach near Port Barton. Beach is under the same owner than Deep Moon resort in Port Barton. You can go to the beach for example by jeep 100P (2€), skooter, kayak or walking. Jeep ride on a bumpy, meandering road took us 15minutes so instead of long walk I would choose example kayaking. On the way there is beautiful small beaches.
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whitesand_27 (1 of 1)Although the White beach was private, they allowed visitors to come there and they take a small entrance fee from everyone.

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White beach was one of our options when we were comparing accommodations, but pictures on their websites didn’t make perfect impression. Bungalows were quite close to each other and it wasn’t so cozy. You can get one of those bungalows under the palmtrees about 55€. 
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Beach.. Beach instead was just PERFECT! Turqouise ocean surrounded dozens of palmtrees is just perfect to watch! I lay on the wooden hammock many hours and just stared the view in front of me. I would build my own bungalow right here at any time <3   whitesand_19 (1 of 1)
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White beach is quite issolated from rest of the world because you can’t really find anything nearby in a few kilometres. But what else would you even need in place like this than peace and maybe little bit of love?
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Just next to this resort there lived few local familys who worked for the resort. Some of them cleaned the beach, cooked, made laundry or picked coconuts.
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I think few days would go easily in this place. After those few days I would probably need something else to do than just reading and swimming. 
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Resort has a restaurant and their prices were surprisingly inexpensive. Usually private places has a little bit more expensive food and drinks, but here they had same prices than in Deep Moon, Port Barton.


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Resort didn’t have snorkels for rent which was a pity. For some reason we left our snorkels to Port Barton and thought that if we would need them, they would have those for rent. If you don’t count one lost jellyfish there was nothing to see on the beach, but little bit away from the beach there would be nice corals and fishes.
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